Advice for Kids should work for adults too.

The anecdote on the big yellow stationary also appears in the first pages of Ray Bradbury's  "Zen in the Art of Writing."  I recommend that book to anybody who wants to be a writer.

You can buy it here...

But I recommend this simple advice to anyone who wants to be happy in their work, and really in their life.   It would be awesome if we could all figure this out at age 9, but we can also jump in at any time. 

The typos - "Who die(d)?"-  are particularly cool because they are legitimate typos... as in made on a typewriter.  Because even in 1991, Ray Bradbury, the master of science fiction, did not use a computer.   Why not?  Because he's Ray Bradbury!  If you draw your own awesome stationary with a ballpoint pen like that then you can do whatever you want too.

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